There are too few workers in Poland. Hindu employees may be a remedy to this problem. An agreement was signed between India and Poland represented by Vayalar Ravi, Hindu Minister of Foreign Affairs and Anna Kalata, Minister of Labor to make the life of Hindu workers in Poland easier.

“The agreement will stop all limits in migration of Hindu inhabitants to Poland. They will be able to find a job in sectors including, among others, construction or agriculture”, Vayalar Ravi enumerated.

Today, about 3,000 Hindu workers live in Poland. The number may now grow.

“We estimate that about 800,000 Poles have left the country to find job in other EU countries. We must replace them somehow”, Anna Kalata said.

The agreement concerns not only employees but also companies. It will be easier for them to invest in Poland or start joint ventures with Polish partners. IT sector will have the biggest chances here.

“This is one of the fastest growing sectors in Poland. Hindu companies will be able to enter our market much easier than before”, Anna Kalata said.