Poland could delay euro adoption: PM

Poland’s Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Wednesday said his government could delay its 2012 target for the adoption of the euro currency should the global financial crisis pose risks to the Polish currency or financial system.

Before joining the eurozone, would-be members must spend at least two years in the exchange-rate mechanism known as ERM-2 which tests the stability of their national currency.

In order to meet the 2012 euro target date Poland must enter the eurozone’s required Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERMII) in the first half of 2009.

"I’m not sticking to the doctrine that if I’ve said May (for ERMII entry) it must be so," Tusk told Poland’s commercial broadcaster TVN24.

"If it will be the case that (entry into ERMII) will be risky for the Polish currency and our financial system, we will delay it," Tusk said.

The Polish central bank and government insisted Wednesday there was no need for intervention to prop Poland’s currency the zloty, which has plunged to a five-year low against the euro and Swiss franc.

The zloty tumbled from 3.50 to the euro in September 2008 to a five-year low this week hovering around 4.50.

The fall comes despite forecasts that 2004 EU entrant Poland will be just one of two of the 27 member bloc’s states to achieve economic growth over two percent this year.

Poland committed itself to joining the eurozone and replacing its currency, the zloty, with the euro as part of its 2004 European Union entry agreement. No deadline for the switch was set.

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