Śląsk Wrocław – the richest club in Poland?

One of the wealthiest men in Poland, Zygmunt Solorz-Żak is set to take over Slask Wroclaw before the start of the new round according the journal "Sport". In two years the budget of the "Wojskowi" is to be set at 80 million zloty thus making Slask the richest club in Poland.
The club from Wroclaw, with the help from Solorz-Żak, is to build one of the largest shopping centers in Poland. Profits from this project will be devoted to football and are estimated to give Slask about 40 million zloty per year. Together with other income, this would create a club budget, reaching 80 million per season.

Financial leader
Should this project succeed Śląsk would have approximately two times more money than the current leading Polish clubs such as KKS Lech Poznan, Wisla Krakow and Legia Warsaw. Currently Slask's budget is estimated at 20 million zloty and about less than half of that amount is taken from the municipal fund.
Source:By Michał Jankiewicz, polishsoca.com

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