Russia Positive About Poland

MOSCOW — A senior Kremlin aide welcomed the upcoming Polish government reshuffle Wednesday and said the change might finally allow Moscow to reach a new EU partnership agreement.

“We couldn’t talk with Poland’s previous government,” Sergei Yastrzhembsky, the Kremlin’s adviser on EU relations, said at a news conference.

Tough-talking Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski said Wednesday that his government would resign Nov. 5, after his party lost weekend elections.

Source: By Anna Smolchenko, sptimes.ru

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DJ UPDATE: Poland's TPSA Says Revenue Decline Should Stop In 2008

WARSAW (Dow Jones)--The chief executive of Poland's dominant telecom operator Telekomunikacja Polska SA (TPS.WA), Maciej Witucki, said Thursday he hopes the slide in the company's revenue will come to an end next year.
He said he

"That's what should happen," Witucki said. "I hope that the trend (of declining revenues) will stop next year."
On Thursday, TPSA said it posted consolidated revenue of 4.65 billion zloty ($1.83 billion) in the third quarter, down 1.7% on the year. The company maintained its full-year guidance of an expected 2.8% fall in revenue.

Company Web site: www.tp-ir.pl

Source: By Malgorzata Halaba

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Germany calls for better relations with Poland after election

BERLIN (Xinhua) -- Germany hopes that Poland could seize the chance to improve ties with Germany and Europe under the new government, German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said.

The Polish voters have given their new leaders ""a clear mission to change the political course,"" said Steinmeier in a letter to Donald Tusk, whose pro-business Civic Platform (PO) party had won the election over the weekends.

German government spokesman Thomas Steg said German Chancellor Angela Merkel would call Tusk to congratulate his electoral victory.

Germany ""have an enormous interest in good, close, neighborly ties with Poland,"" said Steg.

The Germany-Poland ties were strained under the outgoing Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski and his identical twin brother, President Lech Kaczynski who will remain for another three years in office before his presidential term ends.

Poland had threatened to veto the EU reform treaty which was strongly backed by Germany to streamline the political system of the 27-nation bloc.

Eventually Poland managed to persuade EU partners to delay the implementation of a new voting system which some EU nations fear will give too much power to bigger states.

The Germany-Poland ties hit a low point when Polish prime minister said Poland would have a bigger population, which would give Poland a bigger say on European issues by the new voting system, should German Nazis not have killed many of its citizens during the World War II.


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Poland sells total of 2.33 bln zlotys of 5-yr, 20-yr bonds at switch tender

WARSAW (Thomson Financial) - Poland sold a total of 2.33 bln zlotys of its 5-year and 20-year bonds in exchange for papers maturing this year and in the first half of 2008 at a switch tender today, the finance ministry said.

The ministry said it sold 829 mln zlotys of 5-year papers maturing in April 2012 at a minimum price of 968.5 zlotys.

It also sold 1.5 bln of the little-traded 20-year papers, maturing in September 2022, at a minimum price of 1,022 zlotys.

Source:By Patrick Graham, forbes.com

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Will Poland Become the Next Flat Tax Country?

Germany’s statist politicians must be a bit uneasy about the recent election results next door. While they are probably happy that the populist-oriented incumbent government - which periodically got into disputes with Germany - was defeated, they will be very dismayed if the victorious Civic Platform Party follows through on promises to implement a 15 percent flat tax. As the biggest “new” member of the European Union, Poland would add considerable fuel to the tax-competition fire if it adopted a simple and pro-growth tax system. The Financial Times reports on the election and the market-oriented reforms advocated by the nation’s new leaders:

Foreign leaders and Poland’s business community on Monday welcomed the victory of the liberal Civic Platform party in Sunday’s parliamentary elections, predicting the revival of contacts iced up under the previous government and the restart of much-delayed economic reforms. …With more than 99 per cent of ballots counted, Civic Platform had 41.4 per cent of the vote, translating into 209 seats in the 460-member parliament. …Civic Platform is likely to form a coalition with the smaller Peasants party, which will have 31 seats. …Some of the most specific comments, concerning the party’s economic policies, were made by Zbigniew Chlebowski, a potential economy minister. He talked of introducing a flat 15 per cent tax by 2009 and said the government would privatise more energetically than its predecessor.

Source: .cato-at-liberty.org

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Poland's Prospective New PM Calls for Improved Russian, EU Ties

The leader of Poland's Civic Platform, which emerged with the largest number of parliamentary seats in Sunday's elections, says he will seek better relations with Russia and the rest of Europe.

Speaking Tuesday in Warsaw, Donald Tusk pledged to end political strife at home, and to improve strained ties with Moscow and the European Union.

Tusk spoke as final election tallies showed his victorious pro-business, liberal Civic Platform party winning 209 seats in the 460-seat lower house of parliament.

Donald Tusk celebrates election victory, 21 Oct 2007
Donald Tusk celebrates election victory, 21 Oct 2007

The conservative Law and Justice party of outgoing Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski finished second, with 166 seats.

Tusk, who was tapped Tuesday as his party's candidate for prime minster, said he will start building a government as soon as Prime Minister Kaczynski steps down.

Mr. Kaczynski and his twin brother, President Lech Kaczynski, clashed frequently with the European Union over issues ranging from voting rights in the new EU treaty to environmental protection. They also clashed with Moscow over agricultural trade and energy issues.

Source: voanews.com

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EU approves aid for 2 airports in UK, Poland

BRUSSELS (Thomson Financial) - The European Commission said it has approved aid to Newquay Cornwall airport in the UK and Rzeszow Jasionka airport in Poland, finding both cases to be compatible with European common market rules on state aid.

The commission said the redevelopment of Newquay Cornwall airpor, in south-west England is expected to cost 44 mln stg, of which 19.5 mln will come from EU funds.

It said the project 'allows the construction of essential infrastructure designed to achieve a clear defined objective of general interest without leading to undue distortion of the market.'

It added that Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are one of four areas of the UK which the commission has designated as areas eligible for the award of national state aid for regional development which is compatible with the common market.

In a separate case, the commission approved a maximum state contribution of 49 pct of the 8.6 mln eur required to develop infrastructure at the Port Lotniczy Rzeszov Jasionka regional airport in south-east Poland, saying that the project would enhance the social and economicdevelopment of the entire Rzeszowsko-Tarnobrzeski region.

Source: By Phil Mccomish, forbes.com

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Poland sets out agenda to free up business

Poland’s new government plans to slash bureaucracy and sell state-controlled companies immediately after the new parliament gets to work, said one of its leading economic advisers.

“In the first working ­session of parliament we will present our economic liberalisation programme,” Adam Szejnfeld, Civic ­Platform’s economic policy spokes­man and a potential candidate to be minister of the economy, said in an interview with the Financial Times.

Civic Platform won Sunday’s parliamentary election leaving Donald Tusk, its leader, as the likely prime minister. The party intends to make a clean break with the often desultory economic prog­ramme of its predecessors from the Law and Justice party (PiS).

PiS, under the leadership of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the prime minister, showed little interest in the economy, slowed privatisation, was unenthusiastic about the euro and undertook few concrete economic reforms.

“We really have to start from scratch because so ­little was done over the past two years,” said Mr ­Szejnfeld. “Our programme is to take politics and politicians entirely out of the economy.”

The new government will try to sell off most of the 1,200 companies still controlled by the state, retaining only strategic concerns such as oil and gas pipelines and power transmitters. Unlike in the past, no share will be retained in state hands.

Although Mr Szejnfeld was careful not to be too specific, early priorities will be power generators and coalmines, both sectors demanding enormous investment the state is reluctant to make.

Civic Platform’s prog­ramme, including privatisation, has wide support from business. Jacek Socha, a partner in PwC, the professional services firm, and a former treasury minister, called for a rapid resumption of privatisation, saying governments that delayed sell-offs often saw the value of their companies decline. He urged the new government to use the Warsaw Stock Exchange as the main means of privatisation to encourage the growth of Poland’s capital markets by increasing the supply of stocks.

“We can make Warsaw the leading regional financial market in central Europe,” he said.

The government will also scrutinise managers placed in senior corporate jobs by PiS in the past two years. Those appointed because of political ties, who have little experience, “should start looking for other work”, said Mr Szejnfeld.

The party is committed to revamping public finances, introducing a flat corporate and personal tax rate of 15-16 per cent, reforming social security and health spending and increasing employment. Poland has the lowest labour participation rate in the European Union.

Mr Szejnfeld added that the government would move to adopt the euro “as soon as possible”, saying 2012 was a realistic entry date.

The ambitious reform programme can be passed only with the help of a coalition government because with 209 seats in the 460-member parliament, Civic Platform does not have a majority. The party begins talks this week with the smaller Peasants party, which has 31 seats. However, the Peasants are leftists, ambivalent over privatisation, the flat tax and early euro adoption.

Mr Szejnfeld said: “There are more common points than differences.”

Source: By Jan Cienski and Stefan Wagstyl in Warsaw,

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Senator forecasts better relations with Brussels following Poland's election

MOSCOW. Oct 22 (Interfax) - The advent of a new political force in Poland will allow Poland to significantly improve its relations not only with Brussels but also with Russia, deputy chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Vasily Likhachev has said.

Warsaw will improve its image as a respectable European player, Likhachev said in an interview with Interfax on Monday, commenting on the results of Polish elections in which the Civic Platform party has won, and the Law and Justice party, which supported the Kaczynski brothers, has lost power. "Already we can forecast an improvement of relations in the Poland-Russia dialogue," Likhachev said.

The level the Polish-Russian relations "has reached a certain line of its concerns," he said.

Soruce: interfax.ru

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CDE open new offices in Poland.

CDE's global expansion is continuing at a great pace with the recent announcement of new offices opened in Poland.

The Cookstown based company which designs and manufactures customised equipment for the quarrying and recycling industries has strengthened its global position by opening a new office in Poland. This latest expansion comes just 4 months after opening of Asian offices in Kolkata, India in May.

CDE who recently announced several substantial recycling contracts secured in England in July which exceeded £4million, has enjoyed a period of sustained growth and expansion in recent months and the latest announcement extends CDE's global office network across six Countries including; N. Ireland, Republic of Ireland, England, Poland, India and the Middle East.

Radoslaw Konopinski, CDE Area Sales Manager for Poland said:

"Our aim now is to fully implement a growth strategy that will enable us to continue to increase turnover and secure additional sales in Poland and existing markets. We are confident that we can increase our share of the competitive global aggregate processing solutions market through the implementation of an aggressive sales and marketing strategy and develop future business on the strength of our existing customer base throughout Europe"

The Middle East has become another significant export destination for CDE, which was highlighted by the recent award of a £10million contract to supply the world's largest sand washing system in the world. The expansion of CDE global market share has been accompanied by a 30% increase in its workforce over the past 6 months as well as several new appointments being planned over the coming months. The significant pace at which employment has grown is also set to continue with the construction of a state of the art factory at the head office in Cookstown which is due for completion in spring 2008 and will increase the present production capability of the company.

CDE Ireland Ltd
Ballyreagh Industrial Estate
Sandholes Road
Cookstown, Co Tyrone
BT80 9DG

T: 028 8676 7900
F: 028 8676 1414

Source: hub-4.com

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Poland's Petrolinvest expands Kazakh oil drilling

WARSAW, Oct 20 (Reuters) - Oil exploration firm Petrolinvest (PROL.WA: Quote, Profile, Research), controlled by Polish tycoon Ryszard Krauze, plans to have 10 production wells operating at its first field in Kazakhstan by the end of the year, its chief executive said.

The company holds three concessions in Kazakhstan and announced last month it had struck oil at the Zubantam concession.

CEO Pawel Gricuk told daily Dziennik that three oil wells should be operating there within the next few days.

"By year's end there should be 10 and at the outset we expect to extract some 250 barrels of crude a day from each of them," he said. He did not say how he expected production from the field to change after that.

The Zubantam reserves are estimated at 250 million barrels.

Peterolinvest is now completing drilling in Dautskoye, another Kazakhi oil field.

"If we are successful, we should be able to assess the daily extraction level very quickly," Gricuk added.

Source: uk.reuters.com

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Moscow will lift embargo on Polish meat after Poland admits Russian inspectors - Yastrzhembsky

Moscow will not lift an embargo on meat imports from Poland until that country admits Russian inspectors to its agricultural enterprises, Russian Special Representative for EU Relations Sergei Yastrzhembsky has said.

"If there are no inspections, there will be no meat import permission. We can well live without Polish meat. Poland is interested in resuming these shipments, and therefore it should open its doors for Russian inspectors," Yastrzhembsky told Interfax on Saturday.

After Russia imposed an embargo on agricultural products from Poland, Warsaw vetoed the beginning of negotiations between the EU and Russia on concluding a new partnership and cooperation agreement.


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